Baking times and procedures

Baking times

Traditional cakes, reminding us of memories linked to taste and smell, can sometimes burn.
In addition to the toothpick test, which is always useful, you can follow some easy procedures used to bake.

0,5 Kg. 35 min. 190°C
0,75 Kg. 40 min. 190°C
1 Kg. 50 min. 190°C

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Gas OvenElectric Oven pre-heatedVentilated OvenUsed for/to:
Level 1 100° - 120° 90° - 120° Dry
Level 2 170° 140° - 160° Cakes with a delicate garnish
Level 2 170° - 190° 150° - 170° Sponge cakes
Level 3 200° 170° - 190° Puff pastry cakes with filling, dough for cream puffs
Level 3-4 200° - 220° 170° - 190° Cookies, puff pastry
Level 5-6 220° - 250° 200° - 230° Grill or for Cookies or pastry, which can stand high temperatures (for example pizza or chickpea flat bread)

Cooking Mode

cottura-tradizionaleTraditional Cooking

Used for any kind of dish, in particular for high fat meat.
Just a little bit of grill can give more flavour to all kinds of dishes

cottura-finaleFinal Cooking

Suited to savory pies and tart. Give a chef’s touch without any consequence in browning the food surface.


Suited to brown the food surface like lasagna, timbales, pasta or vegetable flans.


Perfect for meat like sausages, spare ribs or bacon.

doppio-grillDouble grill

Suited for thin slices of meat.

grill-ventilatoVentilated Grill

Grill thick slices of meat in a delicious manner, like the pig’s knuckle.

cottura-a-ventilaz-forzataForced Ventilated Mode

The best system for flans, cakes or roasts. You can cook various dishes at once without mixing their flavours together.

cottura-pizzaPizza Mode

It is like a wood-fired brick oven. The bottom is crispy whereas the surface is soft.

cottura-vaporeSteam Cooking

Good for any kind of dish and the energy is saved.

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